Business Overview Business Overview

Business Overview

Needless to say, human resources are a company's most valuable management resource.

In recent years, institutional investors in the United States and Europe have introduced ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) assessments and are requesting companies to disclose information on their human capital. We must work on human resource strategies to enhance future corporate value. The company name "Tsunagu Group HC" reflects our commitment to improving the most important "human capital" value.

We not only make proposals to our clients, but also practice "human capital management" ourselves. We will work with our clients to achieve business growth and continuous development.

Human Capital Business of Tsunagu Group HC

Our group is developing the business aiming for our services to be used as a standard part of the recruitment market and to become an indispensable "infrastructure". We provide a one-stop service covering the entire process of part-time/full-time employment.

Tsunagu Group HC's DX Recruiting

The Group has created a new concept of DXR (Digital Transformation Recruiting) by using behavioral analysis based on data from the Internet and in real life.
We provide solutions that make the entire process of recruiting, application, hiring, and retention into DX.